Things You Need To Know About The Mouth-Body Connection

Research has proven that there is a strong connection between mouth or periodontal disease and other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease etc. Periodontal disease is characterized by inflammation of gum tissues, presence of disease causing bacteria and infection below the gum line. Infection and bacteria present in the mouth can spread throughout the body and leads to other serious health issues. Therefore, maintaining excellent oral hygiene will have benefits beyond preventing gum disease and bone loss.

Oral Health And Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious disease that is characterized by presence of too much glucose or sugar in the blood. Research has proved that a diabetic patient is more likely to develop periodontal disease than non-diabetic. Diabetics with insufficient blood sugar control also develop periodontal disease more frequently than those who have good management over their diabetes. The connection between diabetes and periodontal disease results from a variety of factors. Diabetics with periodontitis are most likely to suffer from increased levels, making it difficult to keep control of their blood sugar. High glucose levels in saliva promote growth of gum disease causing bacteria. It is very important for everyone to brush teeth effectively, floss daily and visit the dentist regularly but it is essential that diabetic patients must practice these measures.

Oral Health And Heart Disease
Heart disease occurs when fatty proteins and plaque build-up on walls of your arteries. This cause the arteries to narrow, constricting blood flow. Oxygen is restricted from travelling to heart which results in shortness of breath, chest pain and even heart attack. The link between periodontal disease and heart disease is so apparent with oral conditions are nearly twice as likely to suffer from artery disease as those with healthy mouths. One of the causes of the connection between dental disease and heart disease is oral bacteria entering the bloodstream. There are many strands of periodontal bacteria. Some strands enter the bloodstream and attach to the fatty plaques in the coronary arteries. This attachment leads to clot formation and subsequently to heart attack. Enacting positive oral hygiene practices and obtaining treatment for periodontal problems can help prevent the risk of developing this unfortunate conditions.

Oral Health And Pregnancy
Pregnant women with periodontal disease expose their unborn children to variety of risks and complications. Pregnancy causes many hormonal changes in women which increases the likelihood of developing periodontal disease such as gingivitis or gum inflammation. There are several factors that contribute in affecting mother and the unborn child. One of these are, increase in prostaglandin in mothers with advanced stages of periodontal disease. The bacteria that invade and lives in gum sockets in a diseased mouth can travel through the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. Research has proved that in pregnant women these bacteria may colonize in the internal mammary glands and coronary arteries. Pregnant women requires effective home care for preventing gum disease. If you are pregnant than it is necessary that you should take care of your oral health and pay regular visit to your dentist.

What Is At Risk

Patients in certain higher risk categories should pay particular attention to any signs of periodontal disease. Those patients having a personal or family history of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, premature childbirth, diabetes and respiratory disease. Those patients having higher risk lifestyles includes, chronic stress, smoker, overweight, frequently colds and flu etc. if you have been told that you have periodontal disease or some of its symptoms, it is vital that you seek evaluation and treatment. You must take care of your health and visit your dentist on regular basis.   


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